Phuket Islands are a fantastic tourist place around the year. The clear blue sea with beautiful coral reefs tempts everyone just to dive in. You also want to experience the amazing thrill of scuba diving in the Phuket Islands, but unfamiliar with many aspects. Here you’ll get all the information about it.

About Phuket

Phuket Islands attracts many tourists due to its ideal scuba diving locations. The climate of Phuket is moderate, so neither the winters are chilly nor are the summers scorching. You will find many tourists from November to March (when the weather remains between 25-33°C).

Mostly you get Chinese cuisines in the restaurants. The nightlife of the province is vivid and lively. The palm trees near the sandy beaches of its 33 islands pull millions of tourists every year. Let’s get into how you can enjoy scuba diving there.


Where To Scuba Dive In Phuket?

There are many dive-in locations in the province, but the 4 of them are most popular. The most famous is the Phuket Shark Point, where you can view different sharks. The marine life includes leopard sharks, bamboo sharks, turtles, angelfish, boxfish, and many shrimps.

You have a higher chance to say hello to manta rays or whale sharks while diving in Racha Noi or Racha Yai. But if you want to experience the beauty of underwater, visit Koh Dok Mai. You may (fortunately) spot some seahorses there. Other worth-visiting sites include:

  • King CruiserWreck
  • Lucy’s Reef
  • Anemone Reef
  • Karon Beach
  • Hin Muang

When To Scuba Dive In Phuket?

The peak time of tourism in Phuket is December and January. So, we advise you to avoid these months, as you may run into accommodation problems. Also, the sites are too overcrowded to enjoy your dives as well.

The suitable time is after January. It will soon be the dry season in Thailand so that you can enjoy your scuba dives more. Otherwise, don’t worry about the water near the islands. It usually remains between 26-30°C (ideal to freshen up). However, refrain from visiting after April because visibility decreases in the sea.

Best Team for Scuba Diving In Phuket

To enjoy your ultimate scuba diving experience in a beautiful fish company, get Sirolodive services. The team has highly trained professionals to assist you in dives and keep you out of harm. They have three plans for thrilling adventures.

  • Fun Dive Phuket allows you to choose three out of six scuba diving locations to visit in a three-day tour. If you are a certified diver, you can dive a day thrice.
  • The Discover Scuba Diving plan teaches you the basics of scuba diving. So, you learn while enjoying the marine life of Racha Noi & Racha Yai Islands.
  • The PADI ReActivate Dive is for those who used to scuba dive but now want to refresh their skills.

Apart from their plans, they can give you amazing tours of 17 different dive points in Phuket. Click here to book your trip.


Get Ready To Set Your Diving Gears

Phuket is famous for scuba diving due to its marine life and coral reefs. You have numerous locations for enticing tours underwater and exploring the beauty of life below blue covers. Try to plan your trip after Jan, or pre-book if you want to enjoy it after November. Sirolodive is there to enhance your trips. Happy Diving!