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The Shark Point Diving site lies 29 km from Chalong Bay, Phuket. It became part of a Marine Sanctuary in 1992; the sheer profusion of marine life is justification enough for protection. The exclusion area extends as a radius of 2.5km around the western limits of shark point and all commercial fishing, collection or marine organism or any other harmful activity is prohibited by law.

The official Thai name ‘Hin Musang’ translates ‘Shark Rock’, named after the local leopard sharks that sometimes visit the location and can be seen resting on the sandy seafloor. The sharks are not the only attraction here though; Shark Point is one of the richest and most vivid dive spot around, with its stunning soft corals, fan corals, and anemones.

Shark Point Pinnacle

Shark Point Dive Map 1

This large dive site has three main sections or pinnacles. Starting from the relatively steep main pinnacle 1, the reef flattens out to the south rising two more times to just below the surface at the other two pinnacles that make up the reefs structure. Depending on the currents, the second pinnacle can also be an excellent place to start the dive.

The main attraction here, in addition to sharks and vast schools of tropical fish are the colorful soft corals and sea fans that decorate the huge limestone pinnacles. The currents sweeping over the pinnacles provide enough food for the hundreds of different species of hard corals and limitless tropical fish species. Most divers could spend several dives exploring the many interesting facets of the site, which is arguably the most popular of all the local day-diving sites. Diving with Nitrox for longer bottom time is advisable. 

  • Visibility 5-20M
  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Current : Moderate to Strong
  • Dive Level Recommendation : Advanced ++


As the site name suggests, Shark Point is the place to go for divers eager to spot Leopard shark. However sharks are not the only highlight of the site. Seahorse and ornate ghost pipefish provide divers with a pleasant surprise among the sea fans and coral.

Some species of marine life that inhabit the area are scorpionfish, lionfish, pufferfish, blue-ringed angelfish. On the rock and between corals, look for colorful nudibranchs, dancing shrimps and boxfish. Above the reef, there are also schools of barracuda and yellowline snappers.

What to Expect on your Dive with us at Shark Point dive site.

Sirolodive is aimed at providing you with the best experience of scuba diving in Phuket. We are able to tailor all requirements to fit and suit you exactly how you would require them to be.

Our team would pick you up from your hotel at 7:15am and drop you at our Boat at Chalong Pier. We would also be dropping you off at your hotel once we have returned back from your diving trip.

You can enjoy a very good breakfast buffet on board and we serve you with snacks and drinks throughout. Lunch buffet is also served with all dietary requests taken into account. If you wish to order a Vegetarian meal please contact Sirolodive’s staff when you board.

You will be briefed by your instructor regarding the use of all diving equipments, dive sites, what you can expect from each dive location and all safety related matters.

What’s not included:

  • Underwater photos and video may be possible from dive staff on the boat as an optional extra, usually 1,000 THB per day
  • Pickup/Dropoff additional charges will apply for locations from Surin onwards to Maikhao beach or the North of Phuket
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