Phi Phi Islands Scuba Diving

3 Dives at 4200 THB All Inclusive

Phi Phi Islands group has been drawing visitors from all four corners pf the globe for over a decade. The Phi Phi Islands group are one of Southeast Asia’s most striking destinations. Verdant limestone hills rising out of turquoise waters are the first impression that Ton Sai Bay in Ko Phi Phi Don, the main island, gives to newly-arrived travelers. 

The Phi Phi Islands lie within the famous ‘Coral Triangle’ which is home to over 75% of all known coral species and it really is a biodiversity hotspot! That means we have thousands of different species of coral and fish, ranging from tiny strikingly-coloured nudibranchs (1cm) right up to the largest fish in the world; the whale shark (10 metres). 

Scuba diving day trips, snorkeling and fun dive at Ko Phi Phi Islands offers a splendid variety of different types of diving on its local reefs, with abundant hard and soft corals and a rich diversity of marine life – suitable for all scuba diving levels. Snorkeling day trips around Phi Phi Island is second to none, with plenty of shallow coral gardens crowning the fringing reefs, which are alive with colorful fishes.


  • Visibility 10-25M
  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Current : Moderate
  • Dive Level Recommendation : All Levels

Phi Phi Islands Diving – Ko Bida Nok is boosting a remarkably dramatic underwater topography and is characterized by steep precipices, caves, swim through and underwater crags. It is no wonder that Ko Bida Nok and its sister island Ko Bida Nai are two of the most popular dive sites in the Phi Phi Islands!

There is a small underwater bay at the southern side of the island made up of reef slope and rocky floor that starts at 6 to 8 meters ( 26 feet) and ends in a sandy bottom at 20 meters (66 feet). A vertical swim through at the southwest side of the island, beautifully illuminated by surface light, is not to be missed.

Divers with Cavern specialty may also want to check out a narrow cave on the northern side of the island. The cave’s entrance is at 20 meters (66 feet) and the wall is covered with colorful and soft corals and gorgonians.

Outcrops of various sizes are scattered along the west coast, sloping down to depths of 26-30 meters (100 feet), while the east coast is a reef slope with a mixture of hard and soft corals and small outcrops.

Leopard and black tip reef sharks may sometimes be found along the reef line. Kuhl’s stingrays are common in the area, and look out for small bamboo sharks hiding in the cracks.

Die to the blue beyond the reef and you may also spot schools of pickhandle barracuda. Along the reef, you will find also a large variety of colorful reef fish, such as puffer fish, porcupine fish and lion fish. Macro lovers should also keep a sharp lookout for ornate ghost pipefish, seahorses and nudibranchs.

Koh Bida Nok
Koh Bida Nok Dive Map
Ko Bida Nok Sirolodive
Bida Nok and Bida Nai Islands

Ko Bida Nai Islands - Sirolodive
Ko Bida Nai Dive Site
Ko Bida Nai - Sirolodive


  • Visibility 5-20M
  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Current : Moderate
  • Dive Level Recommendation : All Levels

Phi Phi Islands diving – Ko Bida Nai has an amazing topography of underwater crevices, huge boulders and field of staghorn reef.

Stretched across the south and west coast of the island, is a gradual reef slope that starts at a depth of 6 to 8 meters (26 feet) and is made up of hard corals like pore corals, table corals and staghorn corals. There are also some big boulders and a swim through on the southern side.

The eastern side of the island is a big sand slope with fields of staghorn coral. Scuba divers can find leopard sharks snoozing in the sand, or swim out to the large pinnacle beyond the reef for encounter the big schools of trevally, barracuda and fusiliers. The top part of the pinnacle is around 18 meters depth(60 feet) and goes to the depth of around 35-38 meters (125 feet)

The topography on the northern side of the island consist mostly of stunning crags and cliffs, with walls dropping vertically to a depths of 28-30 meters (100 feet) before hitting the sandy bottom. In this section, there are soft corals, sea fans and lots of huge barrel sponge.

Leopard sharks are quite common here, especially on the eastern side of Ko Bida Nai. Black tip reef sharks have been known to make appearances in the area. Divers may also spot and dive with sea turtles. Schools of barracuda and trevally are often sighted near the east pinnacle as are snappers and mackerel. Scuba divers may also see cuttlefish, honeycomb moray eels, sea snake and Kuhl’s stingrays. Macro species such a ghost pipefish, nudibranchs and porcelain crabs are also frequently sighted.

Phi Phi Islands Scuba Diving
Koh Phi Phi Islands from above


  • Visibility 5-20M
  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Current : Moderate
  • Dive Level Recommendation : All Levels

Lies only 400 metres north of Maya Corner. It is similar with massive limestone boulders breaking the surface and descending to 18m. The steep wall drops to a sandy seabed that is littered with smaller rocks. Navigating the site is usually done along the shallower depths of the wall. Palong Bay has a good variety of soft corals. Feather stars adorn sea fans that reach out from the many rocks. Frequent sightings of blacktip sharks and leopard sharks are recorded here. Growing up to 1.5 metres, these sharks are incredibly shy, and for those of you that are a little bit concerned about diving with sharks there is no need to worry. Dolphins have also been spotted in this bay.

Palong Bay Dive Site
Palong Bay Dive Site

What to Expect on your Dive with us at Phi Phi Islands

Sirolodive is aimed at providing you with the best experience of scuba diving in Phuket. We are able to tailor all requirements to fit and suit you exactly how you would require them to be.

Our team would pick you up from your hotel at 7:15am and drop you at our Boat at Chalong Pier. We would also be dropping you off at your hotel once we have returned back from your diving trip.

You can enjoy a very good breakfast buffet on board and we serve you with snacks and drinks throughout. Lunch buffet is also served with all dietary requests taken into account. If you wish to order a Vegetarian meal please contact Sirolodive’s staff when you board.

You will be briefed by your instructor regarding the use of all diving equipments, dive sites, what you can expect from each dive location and all safety related matters.

What’s not included:

  • Underwater photos and video may be possible from dive staff on the boat as an optional extra, usually 1,000 THB per day
  • Pickup/Dropoff additional charges will apply for locations from Surin onwards to Maikhao beach or the North of Phuket
  • 600 Baht Per Person in Park Fees for Phi Phi Islands only, payable directly to Park officials when they come on board in Phi Phi Islands.

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