Discover Scuba Diving Phuket

3 Dives 4,900 THB 2 Dives 4,500 THB

Wish you could explore the world’s of the underwater but haven’t got enough time to do a Course yet? Discover Scuba Diving is definitely for you. With Discover Scuba Diving, you get a quick and easy introduction into the world of Scuba Diving and experience the marvelous marine life and corals in Phuket. 

What You Will Learn?

  • You will experience and learn the basics of what is required in order to Dive under direct supervision of a PADI professional.
  • Learning to breathe underwater which is an amazing feeling and you will definitely love this part.
  • Clearing your Masks and learning the basics of buoyancy.
  • Use of Diving Equipments and gears
  • Find out your comfort level underwater and learn several basic skills and safety rules that will help you take your scuba diving certification with much more ease.

How Deep Will I Be Diving?

You would be diving between anywhere between 10 to 12 Meters (39FT) which is deep enough to see colorful fish, coral reefs and also experience the underwater marine life like you’ve never before.

Minimum age is 10 years old and above. No swimming ability required. Good health is quite important.

Discover Scuba Locations

PADI Discover Scuba Diving is recommended to be done at locations with crystal clear visibility and low current.

For this reason, we carry out Discover Scuba Diving at Racha Noi & Racha Yai Islands which carries the best visibility with loads of Marine Life waiting to be explored by you.

You could view more information our recommended Discover Scuba Dive Site by clicking here

What to Expect on your Discover Scuba Trip with Sirolodive

Sirolodive is aimed at providing you with the best experience of scuba diving in Phuket. We are able to tailor all requirements to fit and suit you exactly how you would require them to be.

Our team would pick you up from your hotel at 7:15am and drop you at our Boat at Chalong Pier. We would also be dropping you off at your hotel once we have returned back from your diving trip.

You can enjoy a very good breakfast buffet on board and we serve you with snacks and drinks throughout. Lunch buffet is also served with all dietary requests taken into account. If you wish to order a Vegetarian meal please contact Sirolodive’s staff when you board.

You will be briefed by your instructor regarding the use of all diving equipments, dive sites, what you can expect from each dive location and all safety related matters.

Do note that PADI Discover Scuba Diving is not a PADI Scuba Diving Course, however upon completion of the basic skills and your first dive, diver’s details would be registered with PADI which would be valid for one year which can be credited towards your PADI Open Water Course should you decide to take up a Professional Diving Certification Course.

Get a sneak peek into PADI Discover Scuba Diving through the video below

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